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Spirit of Hope, Inc. enhances the work of individuals and groups committed to improving the quality of life for the poor of Haiti through direct service. As an interfaith, charitable, educational and spiritual organization, Spirit of Hope, Inc. provides financial resources to enable people to work temporarily or permanently in Haiti


Spirit of Hope, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 charitable nonprofit organization which funds people to work in Haiti. Believing that giving and receiving generates the meaning we all search for in life, we are committed to supporting individuals and groups dedicated to the Haitian people. Spirit of Hope recognizes that when people come together for change it is mutually beneficial, moreover, we also know that Haiti holds a special power that transforms all who work there.

The name Spirit of Hope came from our lived experiences of what happens when people work in Haiti. We came to realize the gift Haiti gives us is hope. It is impossible to live in Haiti for any length of time without realizing that hope is a choice and despair is a word unfamiliar to the average Haitian. Without abundance, they have hope; without health, they have hope; without security, they have hope. And so, we are named Spirit of Hope as a reminder of the greatest gift that Haiti gives us.

Spirit of Hope believes that while sending relief money and supplies to Haiti is critical, standing side-by-side, one human to another, is essential to healing. We choose to give hope and share hope as a means of healing the pain that poverty induces. Sending people to Haiti is our primary goal, in so doing, we are sending hope. Furthermore, we believe that in the giving we receive so much more, and that each person who goes to Haiti comes home richer for having been there.

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