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Pamela Reidy

Pam & friend

Pam began traveling to Haiti in 1990 with students and has returned an average of once a year since that time. In Haiti, she has worked in a variety of settings including small group homes, schools, clinics, hospitals and orphanages. Her love of the Haitian people is strong and vibrant. She has developed enduring relationships with teachers, church people, and children in Haiti. Here in the United States, she fostered a Haitian son.

Following the January 12th 2010 earthquake, Pam reunited with former students to begin Spirit of Hope as she recognized that a lack of funding is the primary reason many people are unable to travel to Haiti to help. “The rebuilding of Haiti will be arduous and long, and it will take many hands,” she says, “while countless Americans are out of work and able to help in the rebuilding, they cannot afford the trip.” She concludes, “It is my great hope, that this organization will support those who can and want to help by giving direct service to Haiti.” Her work for Haiti is entirely voluntary; “no one is compensated for their work with Spirit of Hope.”  She is committed to building an organization of volunteers helping volunteers.

Pam has a BA in English, an MA in Theology and was ordained in 2007 at One Spirit Interfaith seminary in New York. She is Director of Faith Formation at Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church and chaplain at Life Care Center of Auburn.

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