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The SOH Difference

Spirit of Hope sees education as fundamental to changing reality. As the world becomes more distinct as a global village, we accept the clear and necessary work of teaching others about Haiti. Our educational efforts will teach that relationships transform individuals and that working directly with the poor fosters and promotes a common humanity. By sharing the expertise and experience of those we fund we can teach and inspire many to restore dignity and livable conditions for the poor around the world.



Boisvert-Van Atten Family   

July -  August 2013

Felicitie Boisvert Chris Van Atten
Thatcher Van Atten Isabella Van Atten

Read John Rassmussen story

September-December 2013

Susan Rogers
Read Susan’s story

November, 2012

Rochelle Bard
Read Rochelle’s story


Jason Smith
Read Jason’s story


Anya Clay
Read Anya’s story


Sue Moore
Read Sue’s story


Colleen Poulin
Read Colleen’s story


Jennifer and Randy Bohn
Read Our story


Sue Valiton
Read Sue’s story


Hal Seifert
Read Hal’s story


Thomas Burns
Read Tom’s story


Annie Doyle
Read Annie’s story


Pam Reidy
Read Pam’s story

Sarah McRell
Read Sarah’s story

Kirstin Izzard
Read Kirstin’s story

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