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January 12th – Fifth Anniversary

Today is the fifth anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake. it is a solemn day to remember the 225,000 lives lost in this poorest nation of our hemisphere. It is also a day to honor the heroes that have worked hard for the last five years to make the country livable. Today I remember, today in my heart I gratefully honor all Spirit of Hope volunteers. Those who have made this organization great. To the many volunteers of our events, we couldn’t do it without you. To our faithful donors, we couldn’t do it with you and to those we have funded thank you for all you have done in Haiti.
Blessed be this day!

Read the Telegram and Gazette article today about yesterday’s pancake breakfast where we raised enough money to send yet another volunteer to Haiti.
http://www.telegram.com/article/20150111/NEWS/301119665/0/SEARCH> Read More

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